Is anyone excited about the movie Howard the Duck coming to DVD in March?!

Question: Is anyone excited about the movie Howard the Duck coming to DVD in March!?
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Haha, yeah!. Already pre-ordered:

Terrible movie, but I loved it as a kid!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I was at Hulu's website the other day and noticed Howard the Duck was on the menu!. It's a free website showing some movies and tv shows!. I noticed a couple of the reviews for the movie were actually good so I may watch it!. A good film/ cult film that you may not of heard of — Quills!. It's about the Marquis de Sade!. Napoleon put him in prisons and nut houses because he wrote sicko/porno books!. He wrote "love" stories that included things like, "the bishop shoved the communion wafer up her butt!." (It was very funny when presented in the movie!.) Anyways, he continued his writings while locked up, and that is what the movie is about!. I found it very entertaining!. It's sort of a recent film!. The word Sadism comes from his name!. My all-time favorite: your avatar ranks right up there with the movies!.


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