What is the name of this sci-fi movie about subliminal advertisements?!

Question: What is the name of this sci-fi movie about subliminal advertisements!?
There was a movie during the 70's or 80's about filming commercials with holographic actors and or subliminal messages!. There was a scene where the lead actor, a male, turns on the sink, then he loses track of time and in a flash the sink is overflowing!. Another scene is toward the end someone is shot, most likely a bad guy, yet the filming of the commercial is taking place while the guy is laying dead on the kitchen table while the fake actors seem unaware!. There may have been some sort of hallucination weapon involved!.
I am NOT thinking of They Live! with Roddy Piper!.

I go with this one, too:
Looker (1981)
starring Albert Finney, Susan Dey, James Coburn, Leigh Taylor-Young, Dorian Harewood, Tim Rossovich, Darryl Hickman, Terry Kiser
IMDb synopsis:
Plastic surgeon Larry Roberts performs a series of minor alterations on a group of models who are seeking perfection!. The operations are a resounding success!. But, when someone starts killing his beautiful patients, Dr!. Roberts becomes suspicious and starts investigating!. What he uncovers are the mysterious and perhaps murderous activities of a high-tech computer company called Digital Matrix!.
Here's the movie trailer:
Here's the end credits with the theme song:

Back when this aired on HBO, I watched it every time I could catch it!. When I saw "S1M0NE" aka "Simone" much later, I thought of "Looker", which I think is so much better!. That they were picturing what we are doing now is truly amazing: real models/actors being replaced by artificial images!. // Woah! That was such a flashback since I haven't seen this movie or heard that song for more than 25 years~but still remembered so much of it! I want to see this again to find out if it holds up! I had forgotten the "Looker gun" though, which blanks out people for a while, as you describe!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

it could also be
Agency (1981)

Sounds like "Looker" with Albert Finney!. (Written by Michael Crichton!.)Www@Enter-QA@Com

hmm, probably They Live!!.!.!.!.!.just kidding, it does sound like Looker to meWww@Enter-QA@Com

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