What's a good slasher/tortureporn horror movie?? 10 points for best answer!?!

Question: What's a good slasher/tortureporn horror movie!?!? 10 points for best answer!!?
I've seen alot and many of them suggested by people which eventually turn out to be rediculous!. For example Turistas, Captivity and a few more ARE NOT torture porn, they are not even horror! So please suggest something good people and if your squimish please dont ;P! Anyway I've seen hostel and saw and 28 weeks/dasy/ 30 days of nights!.!.!.insanitarium,!.!.!.!.wolf creek!.etc!.!.!.!.!.

I havent seen Wrong turn so tell me if it's good! BUT I NEED TORTURE PORN MOVIES!!!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Inside: http://www!.imdb!.com/title/tt0856288/
-Incredibly gory but still rather great!. About a crazy woman who enters a pregnant woman's house and attempts to cut the baby out from her belly!.

High Tension: http://www!.imdb!.com/title/tt0338095/
-It's pretty violent, not all that great, but for the gore hound, it's there!. This one is about two friends who go out to the countryside but end up getting chased by a killer!.

The August Underground Series-
August Underground: http://www!.imdb!.com/title/tt0412467/
Mordum: http://www!.imdb!.com/title/tt0410332/
Penance: http://www!.imdb!.com/title/tt0971183/
-A trilogy of videos shot as home-movies where victims are raped and murdered in some of the most brutal ways imagined!. Rape, decapitation, necrophilia!. It's all there!.

Frontiers: http://www!.imdb!.com/title/tt0814685/
-It was already mentioned but they were right, it's a pretty nice French gore flick!.

Salo (120 Days of Sodom): http://www!.imdb!.com/title/tt0073650/
-A french film from '75!. It's about a group of Nazis who get a group of teenage boys and girls and put them through complete mental, physical, and sexual torture!. Note: Probably one of the most banned / controversial movies of all time!.

also, all of the movies I've recommended are a lot more twisted than any of the ones you've mentioned so you'll probably be able to find something nice with those!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

omg watch Frontier[s] its AMAZING!!!!!!!! its another tremendous French movie and i cant tell u how good it is!. French is the way to go it seems like nowadays if u want good horror/gore!. check out Inside ( not exactly "tortureporn" well maybe lol but its but its extremely well made and a great horror movie!. High Tension is really good too! Hope that helped, remember Go French or go home! lol jk =PWww@Enter-QA@Com

well, hard candy was good, not neccecarily torture porn, kinda!.!. wrong turn is good, the second!.!.!. ehh!.!. not as good!. but i love eliza dushku! buffy rocks! and!.!.!.!. i know what you did last summer for the slasher!.!.!. teeth! watch teeth! i never saw it but its about a va jay jay that has teeth!.!. pretty much any kind of "dimension extreme" film is bloody as all get out, so just look up those!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

wrong turn is ok
anyways watch:
the hills have eyes
the shining
the descent
the ruins
the devils rejects

thats all i cud think of
hope i helped :-DWww@Enter-QA@Com

This movie is R-24 24 and up!. It has never shown in theatres!. It was almost banned from America but they decided that since only 2 other countries have it that they will keep it!. "Behind the Grave" 2001 (horror-suspence)!. It is about a man who was dead since 1886 and is barried in NYC graveyard!. Then in 2001 people have claimed they have seen him walking threw the cemetary!. Than they looked around the graveyard to see proof!. Than he escaped, because they left the gate open!. Than he started to torturise everything!. He captured people and totured them in any special way!. He made the things that made them 'horny' to stand infront of them to torture them!. The guy usually kills them with a flamethrower at the end of the movie!. He had to leave his torture chamber and took a flame thrower and burned the FBI agents that placed the bomb in there!. Than he killed everyone with the flamethrower!. It is really good!. You need to watch it!. The ending was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet the scariest thing ever!. He burns people to death!. Than the FBI tried to shoot him!. He caught one and brung a wire and hung him with lightning zapping the agent!. Than they blew him up!. He flew into a million peices!. And his heart landed in the water and drowned!. Than at the end it started to beat!. Than I dont wonna ruin the perfect scariest ending for you!. So I only told you some stuff not scary to the scariest parts in it!. And it is cool!. It is both Horror and slasher AND torture porn!Www@Enter-QA@Com

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