Can anybody find this dress from Gone With the Wind?!

Question: Can anybody find this dress from Gone With the Wind!?
What dress -pics included please- was Scarlett O'Hara wearing at the end of the movie when she stated the famous line "Tomorrow is another day!"!? I can't seem to find it!? Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Her complete wardrobe was designed by Walter Plunkett,considered the best at creating truly authentic "period" costumes!. His work can be seen in countless films,including "Gone With The Wind" In fact, he went through the book and meticulously tried to keep true to the descriptions of Scarlett's clothes as much as possible!. In the beginning of the film,Scarlett was supposed to be wearing the same green sprigged muslin gown she wore the day before but that was scrapped and she wears a white puffed sleeved gown for the opening sequence!. The last gown, the black velvet "mourning dress" was topped with a white collar,the only evidence of color as Scarlett was still mourning the death of Bonnie,her daughterWww@Enter-QA@Com

May I suggest that you go low tech and take a trip to the library!. They may have a book that shows it!. Ask the librarian for help with finding what you need!. They are generally nice people and friendly to boot!. Hope this helped!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I searched ebay and found these!. Hope it helps:


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