Why doesn't MTV and VH1 play rock music videos anymore?!

Question: Don't think MTV or VH1 ever play any music videos anymore, its all those rubbish cribbs or reality shows ggrrr

Answers: Don't think MTV or VH1 ever play any music videos anymore, its all those rubbish cribbs or reality shows ggrrr

because they're bowing down to the man

I haven't watched MTV in over 15 years because they started playing crap music videos.

It's extremely irritating, isn't it? Even Mtv2 doesn't play them, all game shows and stupid stuff. VH1C plays a lot now.

I really don't know why they don't, but I wanted to vent with you!

i know thats why i dont watch it a lot no more

What MTV and VH1 are actually supposed to play music videos?! lol

I believe it is because the majority of music for adolescents (ridiculous teens) like to listen to the "rap"
that, personally, disturbes me a little
I love Fuse now..
and MTV is supposed to stand for Music television
but now they have more reality shows than music in general!

Because it is cheaper to create "reality" shows than paying royalties to play videos. Do we really need to see Falva Flav and Brett Michaels select the Whore-De-Jour. At least VH1 Classics plays Metal Mania, Rock Fest, and 120Minutes, but that just covers a few hours of the day.

Cause they've gone rap-I miss the 80's, that's when it was the best, along with headbangers ball.

Why dosen't MTV or VH1 play videos period anymore? They think we want to watch reality TV. If I want realtiy TV I'll turn on Survivor or some of that other crap.

I only watch VH1 classic, otherwise, it's a rap fest.

they actually do. there's just no one awake at that time of the night who has MTV on.

except me, flipping through the insomniac TV.

i think before mtv can start playing good rock music videos, there need to be some good rock bands... i sure as hell ain't gettin' that from panic! at the disco and fall out boy (the band that is MOST undeserving of gibson guitars)

AHHHHH , i miss the 80's..headbangers ball, 120 minutes, remote control game show and videos....those days are long gone...replaced with stupid shows with flava flave, new york (girl), rock of love...all STUPID shows...its gotten real weak along with todays music..most good music today is underground, not popular....i watch mostly vh-1 classic..or digital music choice....

Because they sold out and are all about money these days. There is a channel called fuse, go to fuse.tv for more info, and they play tons of really great music, and have some pretty awesome shows.

I dont know, good question!

because they are more into jackass clips and flavor of love and all that **** mtv plays them early in the morning and late midnight

cuz they got into the hip crap, pop crap
and they dont know any GOOD rock music anymore...
it really sucks
i used to watch it in the 90's and it was good but now the rock music is dead in those channels but not in our hearts.....

because to many people are stupid now and can only understand rap

Who cares? We got youtube now...all vids all literally uploaded there.

And regardless of what's popular among the teens, there should be plenty of band out there that deserve some attention, rock, indie, metal, punk, industrial, you name it. It's just that they only care for a little bit of videos.

might be a slower demand.

Because Rap music is so much better.

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