SURVEY/POLL or just POLL: What is you mood right now?!

Question: SURVEY/POLL or just POLL: What is you mood right now!?
I am bored!.

BONUS QUESTION! : Blondes or Red- heads!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

I'm pretty happy!. :) i had a great day!.


I'm sort of stressed!. I have a huge Algebra test tomorrow! Ahh!

Oh and I'm sort of upset because I've liked this guy, Josh, since I was in 2nd grade [Long time! Well not really I'm only 13] and all of my best friends have taken turns liking him too [Strange I know, it wasn't intentional but still]!. Well my best friend that I made in 7th grade [last year] liked him and finally stopped, so I thought I was in the clear, no more super best friends, no more guy troubles in that area!.!.!. but I have this new-ish best friend named Kailey and now she likes him and I'm just like "Frikin Christ!" Of all the people she could like!.!.!.

Yeah well know I feel Stupid 'cause I just told loads of people stuff from my personal life but!.!.!. oh well!.


Neither!. Brunettes all the way!Www@Enter-QA@Com

im tired!.!.!.
doing hw!.!.im taking a break actually!.!.

i like brunettes!.!.cuz im a brunette!Www@Enter-QA@Com

mii mood: p!$$3d

bonus: well red heads are cute, but blonds are fun!.!.!.!.so ii'd say strawberryyy blond!Www@Enter-QA@Com

I am very bored
And angry at someonee

Blondes!. No gingers for me!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Really bored




Extremely tiredWww@Enter-QA@Com


I'm stressed out because of math and grades!.

Bonus Question: Blondes!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Sick!. :/


You really want to know!?

Well i feel like sh!t!.

mostly because Kurt Cobain is dead, and I'm listening to his songs!.

*BA: Red heads are cooler, people say they are devil's children, well i wish i was a red head!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Tired & Worried
Neither- Brown =)Www@Enter-QA@Com

I like brown haired cuz my hair's that color! And I'm bored and tired!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Hungry - if that is a mood



red headsWww@Enter-QA@Com

I'm bored too!.
Yes i like people with hair, shaven heads are ok too!.Www@Enter-QA@Com


Actually a bit worried (My eye-sight is getting worse, I just found out from a test)

And neither for those hair colors!. I like dark!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

muscial!.!. and creative!. kind of!.!. sad, but not sad!. just lonely maybe!.

blondes :) since i am one lol!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Polls, Redheads!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

im boredWww@Enter-QA@Com

Feeling lust and dazzled by a cute Robert Pattinson pic I just saw!.

My boyfriend's actually writing me a sex story so I read it!.!.!. and now I'm pretty horny!.


i am!.!.!.blah (no bad but not good!.!.!.u no!?)!.!.!.!.um blondes (but only cuz I am 1)Www@Enter-QA@Com

Nervous, trying to relax!. I prefer red hair!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I have a killer headache!. So kind of annoyed!.


nah i rather golden brownsWww@Enter-QA@Com

Actually!.!.!.i don't know ive been having
mood swings for a while now

pissed at my bffl!

black hair ???Www@Enter-QA@Com

My mood is upset!.


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