What are the correct Songs & Words for 103.9 CISN & 92.5 JOE in Edmonton for Wed!

Question: What are the correct Songs & Words for 103!.9 CISN & 92!.5 JOE in Edmonton for Wednesday, December 10th!?
And Maureen Holloway's Last Word what worked for you!? And did you hear what the Parking Bonus Code Word was for today!?

Thank you everyone for all your help including Colleen M for doing my points at CISN while I was away, always greatly appreciated!.

AND from my comments about the Calgary Corus Radio Stations (from early last week) those that were locked out for a week, have resumed collecting their points, but DID NOT lose their previous points, they were just unable to collect any points for 7 days!.


Christmas Rig Codeword for Tuesday, Dec 9 - Foodbank worked
Dec 10 - it is not Foodbank or donation, for anyone else who wants to guess!.!.!.


7 Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
7:15 neck punch
BBFF Paradise Tonight
9 Sweet Thing
WW potluck
10:15 mistletoe
12 Taylor Swift worked
2 Friends In Low Places
2:15 sweater
4:15 grinch
5 Real Good Man
CCMW It Won't Be Like This For Long (White Horse worked earlier)
8:15 reindeer


Maureen's Last Word - John Schneider worked
Parking Bonus Code - Southgate
9 Father Figure
11 You Shook Me All Night Long
2 I Can Dream About You
6 Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)
8 Learning To Fly
Air Mail Bonus Code - Annie


Bob Layton - will

Sleuth - tickets
Dell Trivia - operating systemWww@Enter-QA@Com

Good Hump Day Morning!
Country 95!.3 words:
2- favorite
4- cook
Sleuth: tickets
Dinner: done

Dell Trivia: Operating system (It is confusing because there are two questions on the page!. One from yesterday where there is still a space missing for the answer and then the other question below it with the answer field)

Have a good one!

KA :)Www@Enter-QA@Com

Morning Everyone
country 95!.3

6 - oven
7 - four
8 - closet

Sleuth - tickets
Dinner -
Rogers my Home Trivia - 42!.99
Dell Trivia - Operating system

Baby Dakota is doing well!. She is such a cutie, hardly cries!. Love being a grandmother!. Feeling so, so today!. I want the summer or even the spring back!.

Happy Hump Day!.

JW :)Www@Enter-QA@Com

Good Morning Everyone
US99!.5 Chicago
Artist- Keith Anderson
Dean’s- Sour Cream
Taylor Swift- Fox River
Nascar- Aero Push
Before They Were Famous- C
Champions- A
Country Music- C
This Day in U!.S!. History- C
Video of the Day- Amazing Colorful World Slide Show
Swarovski Crystal- $252!.00
You Can Quote Me- A
Celeb Travel - Fashion Hotels
Sleuth- Tickets
US99 Newsletter- Candle
Thumbs up to one and all!. Remember to come back and give those that follow a thumbs up!.
Joan K

92!.5 WXTU - Philadelphia
on air trivia questions
My 3 songs - snow, but vacation usually works before 9 AM (12/10)
Country Cafe - John Michael Montgomery (12/10)
Classic Rewind - Rudoph The Red Nosed Reindeer )12/9)
Make it or Break It - vacation worked last night for points (12/9)


Before- c
Sports- a
Everyday- c
This day- b
Quote me- c
Country- C
Music- A
Sleuth- tickets

700- Everybody wants to go
715- Neck punch
bbff- Paradise tonight
900- Sweet thing
ww- Potluck
1015- Mistletoe
1200- Taylor swift
200- Friends In Low Places
215- Sweater
415- grinch
500- Real good man
Mw- It wont be like this for long

9am- Father figure
11am- You shook me all
2pm- I can dream about you
6pm- Another brick in the wall
8pm- Learning to fly
Last- John Schneider
Parking Southgate

BEFORE – C (Ice Cream Truck Driver)
CHAMPIONS – A (Kansas City)
HISTORY – C (Theodore Roosevelt)
QUOTE – A (Twain)


Hello December 10th!

Dell Trivia = Select Your Operating System
Sleuth - Tickets
CHED - Layton - willWww@Enter-QA@Com


Christmas Rig Codeword for Tuesday, Dec 9 - Foodbank worked

Have a Good Day !! DonWww@Enter-QA@Com


iWon Trivia - Chance to win great cash & prizesWww@Enter-QA@Com

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