Palazzo Versace is featured in what article?!

Question: Palazzo Versace is featured in what article!?
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Before They Were Famous: C) ice cream truck driver
Celeb Travel!.: (for now) Palazzo Versace is featured in what article!? fashion hotels
Champions: A) Kansas City
Country Music Trivia: C) Sugarland
Swarovski Crystal: How much is the Mumbai White watch!? $ 252!.00
This Day in U!.S!. History: C) Theodore Roosevelt
Video of the Day Trivia: Where is an outline of a picture frame!? Amazing colorful world slide show
You Can Quote Me: A) Twain
Newsletter: Candle
Artist: Keith
Deans: Sour cream
Nascar: E
Taylor Swift: Fox River
All Access: #81 Yee Haw

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fashion hotels

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on air trivia questions
My 3 songs - snow, but vacation usually works before 9 AM (12/10)
Country Cafe - John Michael Montgomery (12/10)
Classic Rewind - Rudoph The Red Nosed Reindeer )12/9)
Make it or Break It - vacation worked last night for points (12/9)


Celeb travel fashion hotel


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