KROQ 106.7 phone number for contests?!

Question: KROQ 106!.7 phone number for contests!?
aye aye aye I've been trying to get tickets to Almost Acoustic Xmas all night, but I don't know if the number I'm calling is right >:/ the request line is 1 800 520 1067

but I looked online and the business line is(323) 930-1067

anyone in Southern Cali know for sure which one is the right one for tickets!.!.!.!.im gonna be so pissed if it's the business line!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

They usually have a 1-800 # and regular #, I would definitly call the business line # and ask them which is the correct # to use, before a contest, they usually tell you what # to call!. Hope this helps!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Phone Numbers:
Office: (407) 916-7800
Office Fax: (407) 916-7510
Request Line: (407) 919-1067
Toll Free Request Line: 1-(877)-919-1067
Cingular Wireless Customers: *1067
XL Hotline: (407) 919-WXXL
Mailing Address:
WXXL 106!.7 FM - Clear Channel Communications
2500 Maitland Center Parkway, Suite 401
Maitland, Fl 32751-7407
E-Mail Addresses:
Johnny: JohnnyMagic@XL1067!.com
Grace: Grace@XL1067!.com
Brian: Brian@XL1067!.com
Alex: AlexDiaz@XL1067!.com

Webmaster: webmaster@XL1067!.com

Hope this helps
Have a Good Day !! DonWww@Enter-QA@Com

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