Does anyone know where to find the new/current scanner frequencies in Colorado a!

Question: Does anyone know where to find the new/current scanner frequencies in Colorado after the FCC 800mhz rebanding!?
I'm looking for the latest up-to-date Digital Trunking Radio System (DTRS) frequency list for Colorado!. I'm having trouble finding current frequencies for Fremont County, Colorado!.

** I've tried RadioReference!.com!. They don't list Fremont county in their trunking freq!. list, and Google only pulls up outdated/old freq!. lists!.

Just thought I'd ask :)Www@Enter-QA@Com

Many areas of the state are on the states system:

From the FCC

Check these:



You always do searches here:

Fremont is definately on the state system:

1212 FRMNT CO MAC Fremont County Mutual Aid Channel
4377 FRMNT CO SO1 Fremont County Sheriff Channel-1
4378 FRMNT CO SO2 Fremont County Sheriff Channel-2
4381 FRMNT SO INV Fremont County Sheriff Investigations
1094 CAN CTY PD-1 Canon City Police Department Channel-11095 CAN CTY PD-2 Canon City Police Department Channel-2 1096 CAN CTY FD-1 Canon City Fire Department Channel-1
1097 CAN CTY FD-2 Canon City Fire Department Channel-2
4410 FLORENCE PD1 Florence Police Department Channel-1 4411 FLORENCE PD2 Florence Police Department Channel-2 4416 FLORENCE FD Florence Fire Department Fire Dispatch
4415 PENROSE FD Penrose Fire Department Fire DispatchWww@Enter-QA@Com

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