How much does a Amateur radio license cost first answer is best?!

Question: How much does a Amateur radio license cost first answer is best!?
How much is a Amateur radio license!? first answer is best!!!?
where do i get one and what is the cost of one and when does it expire Amateur radio license for a ham radio
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The license itself doesn't cost anything!. The VEC's who administer the test are permitted to charge a fee, a maximum amount is set!.

Once you have your license it is good for ten years and can be renewed online very easily (some organizations will send you offers to renew your license for a fee near the time of renewal, but you can do it yourself)

Here is a site to check out: http://www!.arrl!.org/FandES/ead/classes!.h!.!.!.

From that site:
"Exam sessions are conducted by volunteers working under the direction of the FCC!. There will likely be a charge for taking the exam!. There is no FCC fee for an initial license, or standard changes to a license!. However, there are fees for other FCC services!. The exam fee is set by the local exam administrator, the Volunteer Exam Coordinator (VEC), and is usually $14 or less!. Contact the exam session administrator to determine the fee that applies to the exam session you plan to attend!. "


N7YBN has it right, but only in the US!. Other countries may differ!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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