Special Videos of the Day: Who plays the "air guitar"?!

Question: Special Videos of the Day: Who plays the "air guitar"!?
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WUSN(US 99)Chicago,Illinois
Before They Were Famous-
Country Music Trivia-
This day In U!.S!. History-
You Can Quote Me-
Swarovski Crystal-
Video of The Day-buy or type guy caught dancing at Best Buy

Taylor-(Tuesday night)the
copy and paste buthefaibuyc

Listen and win v---
copy and paste abv---c


Good Morning!

Before They Were Famous: C) cheerios
Champions: A) Fuzzy Zoeller
Country Music Trivia: C) Toby Keith
This Day in U!.S!. History: C) Simpsons
Video of the Day Trivia: Who plays the “air guitar” Guy at Best Buy
You Can Quote Me: A) W!.C!. Fields
Newsletter: Nutcracker
Artist: Faith
Deans: Butter
Nascar: E
Taylor Swift: The Loop

Congratulations Marty, Country didn’t put any points on the Kung Fu Panda Game , that’s why you won it !!!

Drive safe one and all!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Sleuth Trivia - Hide (This I cut and pasted straight from the radio station on sleuth trivia yesterday: Don't bother looking for the Sleuth this week, he's gone on a top secret mission!. Instead just enter the word HIDE for your 2500 points all this week!. The sleuth will return December 22nd!.)

Before They Were Famous - C) Cheerios
Champions - A) Fuzzy Zoeller
Country Music Trivia - C) Toby Keith
This Day In U!.S!. History - C) The Simpsons
Video Of The Day - Best Buy Guy
You Can Quote Me - A) W!.C!. FieldsWww@Enter-QA@Com

I typed in Best Buy and they system took it!.!.!.but I think you all should know that if you type in abc in ALL of the trivia answers , you will get them right every time!. Who wants to take time guessing those trivia questions each day!Www@Enter-QA@Com

taylor switf- tied together with a smile


Video of the Day Trivia - guy caught dancing at Best Buy

Hope You and Yours
Have a Merry Christmas!
and a Happy New Year !


Video of the day: buy (guy dancing at best buy)


BEST BUY is the answerWww@Enter-QA@Com

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