Lucky 777 Internet Radio?!

Question: Lucky 777 Internet Radio!?
I'm not able to hear the Smooth Jazz at the Lucky 777 Free Internet Radio!. Something about an error!. I can listen to all the channels but the Smooth Jazz which is my #1 favorites!.
It says to do all the following steps I did!.
A number of queured files cannot be played for Info about problem click the "Now Playing Tab" then click icon to each file list pane!. I did!.
Go to more options to make sure proxy setting is configure to Web Browser IE (HTTP) did that too! this happenes at Smooth Jazz makes me mad!. Need help from anyone that listens to Lucky 777 Free Internet Radio!.thank you folks!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I would contact the station at== contact@luckysevenradio!.com sounds like a problem with there broadcast!.

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you can listen online to radio stations that are streaming live; here is a list of websites to try below!.


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No your thinking of Lucky 666Www@Enter-QA@Com

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