Can anyone tell me the KILT 100.3/Houston Rowdy Word - Steve's IPods - Rewin!

Question: Can anyone tell me the KILT 100!.3/Houston Rowdy Word - Steve's IPods - Rewind & Trivia for December 18, 2008!?
Rowdy Word -
10 am IPod -
2 pm IPod -
Rewind -

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 7 days until Christmas! 9 days until the traffic dies down!!!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Rowdy Word of the Day - 12/18/08 - Chimney
Steve Rixx iPod Pick 10AM 12/18/08 - Back When
Steve Rixx iPod Pick 2PM 12/18/08 - Cowgirls Don't Cry
Rowdy Rewind Song of the Day - It's A Great Day To Be Alive

Sleuth Trivia - Hide (This I cut and pasted straight from the radio station on sleuth trivia today: Don't bother looking for the Sleuth this week, he's gone on a top secret mission!. Instead just enter the word HIDE for your 2500 points all this week!. The sleuth will return December 22nd!.) This is for us in Houston!. The answer is PARTY for the rest of the country!.

Before They Were Famous - B) She was considered too tall
Champions - A) Tom Watson
Country Music Trivia - B) Willie Nelson
Swarovski Crystal - Kristallwelten
This Day In U!.S!. History - C) 102
Video Of The Day - A Father’s Loving Wish
Walgreen's Pet Medication - Skin Allergies
You Can Quote Me - C) Russell Baker

HATE the new format of the KILT website!. It's awful!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

BEFORE – B (She Was Considered Too Tall)
CHAMPIONS – A (Tom Watson)
HISTORY – C (102)
QUOTE – C (Russell Baker)


Hello December 18th!

Glad to hear that Rockin Rowdy Brad is progressing in his recovery!. We are praying that he has a full recovery soon and is able to enjoy this Holiday Season with those who love him!. We miss him!

My prayers are also with NanceKep who is having surgery today!. Good Luck NanceKep!

Baby Lincoln sounds like a real fighter and is getting stronger as each day passes…prayers are still being said!. THANK YOU for the updates!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Before They Were Famous: B) She was considered too tall
Champions: A) Tom Watson (they must have found a golf trivia book)
Country Music Trivia: B) Willie Nelson
This Day in U!.S!. History: C) 102
Video of the Day Trivia: Where do you see a camera!? A father’s loving Wish (lov)
You Can Quote Me: C) Russell Baker

Deans: sour cream
Nascar: E
Taylor Swift: Billy Goats

My 3 Songs = eve
Country Café = --- (just type 3 dashes)
Classic Rewind = --- (just type 3 dashes)

Country 95!.3 words:
6- beach
7- coordination
8- parent


7 Cowgirls Don't Cry worked
BBFF Rhinestone Cowboy worked
12 Brooks And Dunn worked
CCMW God Love Her worked

Rowdy Word of the Day - 12/18/08 - Chimney

Hope You and Yours
Have a Merry Christmas!
and a Happy New Year !


92!.5 XTU Philadelphia

Before They Were Famous = b) She was considered too tall

Champions = a) Tom Watson

Country Music Trivia = b) Willie Nelson

Video of the Day Trivia = A father's loving wish

This Day In U!.S History = c) 102

You can Quote me = c) Russell Baker

Sleuth Trivia = N/A yet

Have a wonderful day everyone!.

CountryRN27 (Marianne)Www@Enter-QA@Com

Walgreen's - Skin Allergies

US99!.5 Chicago

Artist- Dierks Bentley
Nascar- Aero push
Deans- sour cream
Taylor Swift- Billy Goats
Before They Were Famous- B
Champions- A
Country Music Trivia- B
This Day in U!.S!. History- C
Video of the Day Trivia- A father’s loving Wish
You Can Quote Me- C
Sleuth- Party
Access # 82- Partners

Special prayers to Rockin Rowdy Brad, Nancykep and baby Lincoln!. Wish you all a speedy recovery!.

Joan KWww@Enter-QA@Com

KYKX 105!.7 Longview, TX 18 Dec 2008
705 - gift
805 - present
1205 - wrap
505 - bow
Cavender's Boot City Longview Word on the Street - wrangler (18 Dec)
Planet Beach Word on the street - tan (18 Dec)
All American Buick Pontiac GMC in Marshall!. Word on the Street - AMERICA (17 Dec)
Big Dave's word on the street - hotpuckersandwich (16 Dec)
Sleuth - party
Video of the day - a fathers loving wish
Pet Meds - skin allergies
US History - c
Champions - a
quote me - c
before they were famous - b
country music - bWww@Enter-QA@Com

92!.5 WXTU - Philadelphia
on air trivia
My 3 Songs - vacation worked (12/18) poor just announced as the word
Country Cafe - vacation worked (12/18) Concrete company is the Answer
Classic Rewind - 3 dashes (---) worked (12/18)
Make It or Break It - vacation (12/18)


Country 95!.3 words:
6- beach
7- coordination
8- parent
11- mind
2- movie
4- towel
Sleuth: Party
Dinner: Drained

Cdn!. Connection Trivia: send my free info

Have a good one everyone!


Good Morning!
Country 95!.3

6- beach
7- coordination
8- parent

Sleuth -
Dinner -
Cdn!. Connection Trivia: send my free info

JW :)

Have a good one everyone!Www@Enter-QA@Com

dogpile - click to download now
pet meds - skin allergies (but it didn't work for me)Www@Enter-QA@Com

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