Is anyone planning to buy a sirius Satellite radio?!

Question: Is anyone planning to buy a sirius Satellite radio!?
if so i figured i would inform you on something!. I has sirius for 3 years now and 2 days ago someone stole it!. I went and bought the new sportster 5 yesterday and installed it!. the radio gave off really bad static on every preset/channel I put it on!. i took it back to radioshack, and after a 25 minute fight with the sales rep, he gave me a new one!. I installed it and the same problem accrued!. later i found out that the FCC made sirius weaken their antenna signal and was informed that I had to pay an extra $19!.95 to have a mechanic tare apart my truck radio and have them hook it directly into my FM antenna!. If anyone is planning to buy a sirius radio for christmas,be aware of this so you don't have the same headache i was given by them!. make sure they give you a free FM upgrade kit when you go to buy the radio, or it will sound very bad!. i will probably get reported for this, but i figured it would help someone out!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I have the old style (xm), i was aware of the new law!.They advertise the new law and inform you on how to get the new transmitter!.
the problem was with people who experienced interference when at a light or running right along the side of the car!.
the only stations at the low end of the dial is religious , and public radio!. Those are the people who complained!.
After the merger , I am no longer satisfied with my service , and If I need to upgrade , repair or modify my radio , I'll just stop subscribing!.
They got rid of the old school hip hop , and the new rock station!.
Now it's just rock , and rap!. No sub genre!.
I do like the "jam band" channel , and!.!.!.!.!.!.!. I guess that's it!.
It seems like commercial radio now , only without the commercials!.
So , to specifically answer your question !.!.!. no , I don't !. Unless they tweak their programming!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Have you tried changing the FM station that it runs over!? I know the default is 88!.1!. I changed mine to 107!.9 and it has a lot less static!. In my car it runs over the FM transponder like yours does!. My girlfriend had hers professionally installed with the FM upgrade kit!. It makes a BIG difference!. Her sound is crystal clear!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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