How did the people at set up the online CB radio thing?!

Question: How did the people at livecbradio!.com set up the online CB radio thing!?
I was just on http://www!.livecbradio!.com/ and found that they showed you a program for talking on the cb radio with your computer!. It is called VoIPerized (http://www!.VoIPerized!.com/)!. (It is really a program like Skype!.) I want to know:
1!. How did they hook up the radio to VoIPerized!?-----Most important question!
2!. Is VoIPerized safe to download!?
3!. Will VoIPerized work on a mac!?

Go to this site and they will tell You how to hook it up!. And since they sell all of the equipment they can tell You if it is safe!. I suppose it works about like the phones that you can use over your computer!.

Points of Interest: The "About this Station" page tells you how it all works!. The "Streaming Tutorial" is instruction to have your own Live

Audio Feed!. Livecbradio!.com would be happy to host your audio if you do not have a web page!. Check out my "Live CB Radio Blog"!. Have you seen the latest in cb radio technology!? TheTLM1, worth a look!. The cb radio with a built in MP3 player and customizable display!. Don't forget the New Bluetooth cb radio, also available here!. If you are one of the few females that visit this site, check out the women's pink trucker hats!. If it's not here, it soon will be!.


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