RADIO TRIVIA FOR 1/15/2009?!

Question: RADIO TRIVIA FOR 1/15/2009!?
Before they were Famous: c) chestnuts
Champions: c) Lynn Swann
Quote: a) a producer's heart
History: b) Toledo

Video of the Day: i dream of jeanie

Music Pop Quiz: a) Arkansas
Rock Music Trivia: c) 1988
Classic Rock Triva: C!. East LA

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Video Trivia---------------I dream of jeannie
For the other Trivia-----------ABC
Works every time!.


Hello Everyone!!
Another cold day! brrrrrrrr
I was watching the news this morning and the news man threw a glass of water in the air and it froze before it hit the ground!. That's cold!.!.!.!.!.lol
Stay warm and safe! Dress in layers!.

abc worked for;Before They Were Famous; Champions; This Day in U!.S!. History; You Can Quote Me;
Sleuth Trivia; AIR
Video of the Day Trivia; Where do you see green Beans!? I dream of jeannie

Clip N Go Coupons Trivia; What does it say on the submit button!? start saving now

WRVE The River Albany;
The River Morning Crew's Crankin' Car Tune; California Girls
9:40 AM PASSWORD; tomato soup
River Anything Goes Lunch Hour; de do do da
River Guilty Pleasure Song Of The Day; You got lucky
Kevin's Mystery Song; dont ask me why
Kev's word scramble; perfection
River Morning Crew Trivia; Star Trek
abc worked for Music Trivia;Videos on Demand;

Today's 50,000 point winner is buddyg180

Have a great day!!Www@Enter-QA@Com

LONE STAR 92!.5 Dallas, Texas
Babes => a) Yes
Before They Were Famous => c) chestnuts
Champions => c) Lynn Swann
Classic Rock Challenge => C!. East LA
Classic Video On Demand => a) Man
Sleuth Trivia => AIR (8 GB iPod Touch pg1)
This Day in U!.S History => b) Toledo
Video of the Day Trivia => I Dream of Jennie
You Can Quote Me => a) a producer's heart

Station Codes:
The 1st option for The Leather Sofa co!. is to visit one of two new outlet stores for 25,000 points:
The Code Word is – grand opening

The 2nd option for The Leather Sofa co!. is to make a furniture purchase for 50,000 points:
The Code Word is – italian leather

Thanks to shadouse for the code wordsWww@Enter-QA@Com

US 99!.5 Chicago

Nascar - Greg Biffle
Taylor Swift - Sears Tower
Artist - Jason Aldean
Dean's - Ice Chips

Before They Were Famous - c) chestnuts
Champions - c) Lynn Swann
Country Music Trivia - b) Writing
This Day In US History - b) Toledo
Video of the Day - I Dream of Jeannie
You Can Quote Me - a) a producer's heart
Sleuth - Air (under 8GB iPod Touch on pg 1)

Prayers for everyone the ailing and the not!. Thanks for the info for the Great Grandparents!. Lincoln: keep doing well and Pete too!.

I don't remember who it was that really liked Pyramid Solitaire, I liked it too!. It was an easy to get points!. Today for some reason it wasn't there to play on the "Games n' Ecards" linc on the rewards site!. I sent them an e-mail to find out why!? The rest aren't as much fun and you can't get points as quickly!.

For Andrea: Maybe she is waiting for someone she hasn't seen in a while or something she wants to happen first!. My Mom had been in a nursing home for 9 months when my youngest brother (whom Mom hadn't seen in about 3 yrs, since he had moved to Georgia, came up and visited her in the nursing home!. She died about a month later!. It was like she was just waiting to see her baby one last time!.

jcm (Janet)Www@Enter-QA@Com

BEFORE – C (Chestnuts))
CHAMPIONS – No Trivia Today
HISTORY – B (Toledo)
QUOTE – A (A Producer’s Heart)
VIDEO OF THE DAY - I Dream of Jeannie


Prayers are still being said daily for all of our Trivia Friends and Family and hoping all will continue to get stronger as each day passes!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

taylor swift: Michigan Ave 1/15
to understand some of the comments see my question asked daily!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

great place for answers is Davida H's question which usually gets 30-50 answers every day!. AND THEY WORKWww@Enter-QA@Com

Before!.- b
Sports- b
Everyday- a
This day- a
Quote me- C
Country- B
Music- A
Sleuth- airWww@Enter-QA@Com

us99 chicago:

taylor swift: lakeWww@Enter-QA@Com

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