Whats up with indie 103.1 ..?!

Question: Whats up with indie 103!.1 !.!.!?
whats up with the station i
dont understand what that message ment
the one that kept on reapeting all day!.!.-_-

anyone know!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

Indie 103!.1 stopped broadcasting on January 15, you can do a google search to find out more,or go to there website www!.indie1031!.com!. Hope this helps!Www@Enter-QA@Com

From US News:

<<Indie 103!.1: Has Radio Run Its Course!?
January 15, 2009 05:31 PM ET | Matthew Bandyk | Permanent Link | Print
Speaking of dying media, many Southern California residents were saddened to learn that Indie 103!.1, a long-running radio station known for playing the edgy music that "corporate" stations wouldn't touch, is ceasing to broadcast today!. Indie 103!.1 had came under criticism for watering down its playlists in recent years to compete with rivals like KROQ, and it seems, based on a farewell message at the Indie 103!.1 website, that the station's management did not like that direction either!.

Former Indie 103!.1 host Chris Morris writes on an LA Times blog about why this is a "very sad" day:

For most of its existence, Indie 103!.1 advanced a style of radio in its specialty programming that hadn’t been seen in a major radio market for eons!. What was heard on the air was a reflection of the individual jocks’ tastes and passions!. The amount of liberty I enjoyed was unbelievable!. It was a throwback to the free-form style I grew up with, which held sway briefly in pre-“album oriented” radio in the ’70s; the maverick early KROQ flashed the same gunslinging approach!.>>

But it's basically shorthand for "the station wasn't attracting enough listeners to make ad sales viable!. IOW not making enough money!."

Here's a SUNDAY update from Radio-Info:
<<“Indie can no longer compete with the corporate radio game” – and turns “Cat”!?
That looped message started yesterday on the southern California alternative twins of KDLD, Santa Monica (103!.1) and KDLE, Newport Beach, and it sounds just like the feisty “India” persona!. Though you’d have to also say that it’s a pot-calling-the-kettle-black irony, given that Indie’s parent is the media giant Entravision, which owns 51 TV stations and 48 radio stations!. That’s pretty “corporate!.” But an English-language music station is a rarity at the Spanish broadcasting specialist, and if the Radio-Info!.com L!.A!. board is right, KDLD/KDLE will soon take on Entravision's newest corporate format, the regional Mexican “El Gato”, or Cat!. The “Indie” thing that was beloved of Rolling Stone magazine and some discriminating listeners will live on, in some form, online!.>>
-a guy named duhWww@Enter-QA@Com

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