Can anyone tell me the KILT 100.3/Houston Rowdy Word - Steve's IPods - Rewin!

Question: Can anyone tell me the KILT 100!.3/Houston Rowdy Word - Steve's IPods - Rewind & Trivia for January 21, 2009!?
Rowdy Word- CeremonyWww@Enter-QA@Com

Artist: George Strait
Deans: six
Nascar: E
Taylor Swift: Lake Michigan
Before They Were Famous: C) Electrician
Champions: B) Boston Americans
Country Music Trivia: A) Knoxville
This Day in U!.S!. History: A) 0!.62
Video of the Day Trivia: Who gestures OK!? Eddie Murphy
You Can Quote Me: B) “I won’t know what to say”
Tik Tak Cash Trivia: Sign

Sleuth: Tough

WAHR:99!.1, Huntsville, AL
90's at Nine: Fastball
Point Word of the Day: (later)

Does anyone do the Wheel of Fortune:
1/20: Ask your DoctorWww@Enter-QA@Com

BEFORE – B (Electrician)
CHAMPIONS – B (Boston Americans)
HISTORY – A (0!.62)
QUOTE – B I Won’t Know What To Say”)
MUSIC TRIVIA - A (Coldplay)
VIDEO OF THE DAY - Eddie Murphy


Prayers are still being said daily for all of our Trivia Friends and Family and hoping all will continue to get stronger as each day passes!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Shows you I am not such a faithful listener!.!.!.!.Station changed the hours of the DJs so I never heard my three songs this morning 1/21!. I am not even sure at what time it aired!. Vacation did work for points though!.

92!.5 WXTU - Philadelphia
on air trivia
My 3 Songs - vacation worked for points!. (1/21)
Country Cafe - Keith Urban (1/21)
Classic Rewind - Achy Breaky Heart (1/21)
Make It or Break It - vacation working for points (1/21) Artists are Darryl Worley and John Rich

WXTU newsletter code is ICE
Sleuth - tough


107!.9 The Track – Indianapolis

Keyword – golf
Champions – b
Famous – c
Music – a
History – a
Quote – b
Video – Eddie Murphy
TikTik Trivia – sign up

99!.5 WZPL – Indianapolis

Champions – b
Famous – c
Music – c
History – a
Quote – b
Video – Eddie Murphy
TikTik Trivia – sign upWww@Enter-QA@Com

US 99!.5 Chicago

Happy Hump Day Everyone ! ! !

Nascar - steering wheel
Taylor Swift - Lake Michigan
Artist - George Strait
Dean's - Six Pack Milk Chugs

Before They Were Famous - c) electrician
Champions - b) Boston Americans
Country Music Trivia - a) Knoxville
This Day In US History - a) 0!.62
Video of the Day - Who gestures OK!? Eddie Murphy
You Can Quote Me - b) "I won't know what to say!."
Sleuth - Tough (under Philips Norelco arcitec 1050 Men's Shaver pg!.1)

Happy News - Sun is kind of out, temps are starting to warm up a bit!. Hope not too fast or we end up with mud puddle out behind the barn!.

I used to take my vacations at a Dude Ranch in Michigan!. In the dining hall they had different quotes and sayings in the dining hall!. The main one they said was the idea behind the ranch!.

CrazyH I agree with Beecher!. It takes time!. In the meantime it sounds like you need to get out with some friends and maybe just be able to "vent"!. Getting it out of your system can help!.

Glad Lincoln is doing well, will pray for his blood gases!.
Prayers for all other ailing and well!.

jcm (Janet)Www@Enter-QA@Com

96!.9 KSEG The Eagle in Sacramento, CA

Multiple choice – ABC
Sleuth - Tough
Video of the Day trivia – Eddie Murphy
Stream to Win – inspire
Short’ys - E'Anne Originals

Morning Everyone
Country 95!.3

6 - attic
7 - neck
8 - glassware

Sleuth - tough
Brad Paisley Newsletter - Paisley
Hope everyone has a great hump day!. Stay warm and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone!.

JW :)Www@Enter-QA@Com

10:00 IPod - anything goesWww@Enter-QA@Com

No, and if they do, theyre in big trouble!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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