Where can I complain about the format change of G Rock Radio? I'm bummed.?!

Question: Where can I complain about the format change of G Rock Radio!? I'm bummed!.!?
They're owned by Press Communications!.

Monmouth County business office:
2355 West Bangs Avenue
Neptune, NJ 07753

For advertising information call
732-919-0365 ext 6213

Good luck!. I'm pretty sure they're not really listening!.

Now then, the last time 106!.3 jumped the shark, I took matters into my own hands and created Altrok Radio!. (After all, being a former FM106!.3 jock and all-around pack-rat, I had the library, and it's only gotten bigger!.) Here's what's happening at altrokradio!.com now!.

- Altrok Radio continues its celebration of the kind of radio FM106!.3 did before it became G-Rock Radio!. From classic U2 to Dramarama to The Rave-Ups to The Smiths to The Cure to The Colorblind James Experience, and keeping up to date with Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Modest Mouse, LCD Soundsystem, Dan Le Sac vs!. Scroobius Pip and !.!.!. um !.!.!.Morrissey, U2 and The Cure (funny, that!.) Go to AltrokRadio!.com to listen anytime to the eight hour playlist we put there every day, or tune in to our FM Showcase on the radio, at 90!.5 The Night on Friday nights at 10pm!.

- Altrok's Daily Retro is two hours of classic tracks from 11:30am to 1:30pm Eastern - if we (and I do mean "we") played it in the 80's, it's on!. It's a wide range of the stuff that freaked out the mundanes!. (And for those who hung out at the Green Parrot or the Melody Bar, there's a Melody Bar Reunion coming up on February 21 at the New Brunswick Elks!. You're gonna want to be there!.)

- Still assembling: the Alt GRok!. Should start on Saturday at about noon, if everything gets arranged on our hard disk juuuust right!. It might be bumpy for a while, and require some tweaking here or there, but we should be able to fulfill the musical experience you're missing (after all, we were generally playing it about six to nine months before you heard it on G-Rock!. Eh, it's just the nature of the business, though we *were* the first people in the US to play The Ting Tings!.!.!.)

So that's all that's happening at altrokradio!.com; you can tune in there if you're near a computer, or if you've got a phone running Windows Mobile and an unlimited data plan, we can come along with you, too (and soon, that'll go for your iPhone, too!.)

All that said, we're happy to hear that Matt Knight and other staffers at G-Rock seem to be getting picked up to staff the new station - we're not likely to listen much (so, yeah, protest all you want) but in this industry, it's good to just have a job!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

The telephone number for the owner (Press Communications) is 732-919-0365!.
The extension for the CEO (Mr!. Robert McAllen) is 4160!. You'll have to leave a voicemail!. His message also says if you need to speak to someone right away, call Donna at extension 4100!.
Please keep calling them!. Be respectful, but be persistent!. Tell them to bring back G-Rock!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Just called them they said as of noon January 19, 2009 they changed to a top 40 station!. Nuts!. The girl i spoke with had no explantion!. Sat!. radio here we come!. channel 21 alt nation!?!?!?!? what is old radio doing besides putting more nails in their coffin!!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Be at: Press Communications, 2355 Bangs Ave!., Neptune!. At noon on Saturday (January 24, 2009) to protest this madness and bring back Grock radio!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Sign our petition to save GRock!.!.!.!.Please forward to everyone you know!


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